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  • We didnt invent sump access tube systems, but we sure made them a lot more effective!
  • Turn a REACTIVE sump access tube system into a PROACTIVE one - be immediately alerted of an overwatering problem on your trees and palms so that you can adjust water applied before permanant damage is done.
  • Massive increase in productivity over the current industry standard.
  • Eliminates wasterd water, accurately target water needs of your trees & palms while simplifying maintenance for the end user.
  • Quick & simple installation.
  • Bring your planting detail to its full potential or use one of ours. 
  • Proudly made in USA

Why the current system fails (Youtube Link)

300” Box Cork Oak
300" box cork oak

Recent Projects Include:
-Stanford University Historic Quad, Palo Alto, CA
-Huntington Library, Pasadena, CA
-California Science Center Los Angeles, CA
-Universal Studios Hollywood
-Stanford University GSE Building, Palo Alto, CA
-LACMA Los Angeles, CA
-Monarch Bay Beach Club, Dana Point, CA

-Hotel Villagio Napa, CA
-Pomona College, Pomona, CA
-Vintage Hotel Yountville, CA
-Social House Napa, CA
-Claremont College, Claremont, CA
-Tracey Lakes Housing Development, CA
-Scripps College, Claremont, CA
-Sherrifs Station Malibu, CA
-Civic Center, Malibu, CA
-Fox Studios, Los Angeles, CA
-Wilshire Country Club Los Angeles, CA
-100’s of private residences
...and many others

Benefits Summary

  • Automatic above ground visibility of potential below ground standing water limiting liability for all parties (contractors, architects, etc).

  • Maintenance is simplified and streamlined, the frequency of manually checking sumps is eliminated. 

  • “Treat the disease, not the symptom” Having a drainage tie-in is a great backup plan but applying the proper amount of water in the first place is better.

  • Pop Up Sump Indicators can be retrofitted/added to any tree/palm previously planted with 4” pipe.

  • Homeowner protect your investment, contractors limit your liability for a fraction of a percent of the cost of plant material and installation.

  • No more prying off tight fitting caps or looking for an object like a stick to check sumps.

  • Sumps wont be confused with a “deep watering well”.

  • Eliminate wasted water while saving trees and palms.

  • Quick and simple installation - only a pair of cutting pliers required for installion.

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